What To Do During Teething (Teething tips)

This blog provides information and tips on what to do during teething. It covers topics such as the timing of your baby's first teeth, teething symptoms, the causes of teething pain, and natural remedies recommended by pediatricians to soothe your baby's gums. It also encourages readers to consult with their pediatricians and join the Babynama community for expert advice and support on their baby's health and development.

**When will your child's first teeth appear? **

Can teething pain be relieved without medications?

Your kid is developing a lovely grin, but you despise (disheartened) seeing them in pain due to teething. Take a look at these calming natural remedies to help you smile and bear it.

When will your child's first teeth appear?

The first teeth usually appear between 4 to 7 months of age. The upper or lower front teeth (central incisors) typically develop first, followed by the opposite front teeth.

What is teething?

Teething is the process through which a baby's teeth come from his or her gums for the first time. It's a challenging moment for both newborns and their parents.

Teething Signs and Symptoms in Your Baby

If your infant is around 6 months old (time varies), you may notice the following teething symptoms:

  • A minor increase in temperature (less than 101 F)

  • Angriness and weeping

  • changes in sleeping and eating habits

  • Diarrhea

  • Coughing

  • Gnawing or the desire to chew on hard objects

  • Gums are swollen and painful.

  • Pulling on their ear or rubbing their face

  • Putting their hands over their mouths

  • Drool a lot, which might lead to a rash on their face.

What causes my baby's teething pain?

  • Teething pain is caused by the pressure of the erupting teeth against the gums and jawbone.

  • As the tooth pushes through the gum, it can cause inflammation, swelling, and tenderness.

  • The nerves in the gums and jaw can also be affected, causing pain and discomfort.

Teething Remedies Recommended by Pediatricians

Pediatricians recommend these teething remedies for soothing your baby's gums:

  • Gently massage their gums with clean fingers.

  • Use frozen milk popsicles or refrigerated pacifiers/teething toys to numb the gums.

  • Chill fruits like apples, pears, or strawberries before giving them to your baby.

  • Use a cold washcloth on their gums.

  • Offer teething biscuits to babies aged 8-12 months, but keep their gums clean.

Remember, teething timing varies greatly, and every infant is different. Don't be concerned if your child's teeth don't appear until later than this age. Consult a pediatrician for your baby concern. Get expert medical advice from our team of experienced pediatricians within 15 minutes or emergency-consultation for your child's health and development. Sign up for Babynama's care plans today to get unlimited access to chat with a pediatrician directly on WhatsApp to get answers to your child's health-related queries and the best possible care. Babynama's aim is to provide fast, reliable, and quality healthcare support to parents. Be a part of Babynama today!