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Why Babynama?

Our team of trusted Pediatricians will resolve your queries end-to-end on WhatsApp


No unverified answers from Google or ChatGPT


No waiting for your pediatrician to reply or be available


No unnecessary emergency hospital visits, even at night

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How BabyNama Works

We curate some of the best pediatricians from all over India. Many of our doctors are parents themselves, so they can understand parents' concerns better.

Step 1

Join us on WhatsApp to consult with BabyNama doctors. It is the most convenient way to connect with pediatricians and other specialists.

Step 2

Ask personalized questions related to your baby's health at any time to any of the BabyNama pediatricians. Your query is our responsibility.

Step 3

Stay online for a few minutes and receive a response from the pediatrician in less than 15 minutes. For us, every second holds importance.

Step 4

If you wish to seek further advice regarding your baby’s health, subscribe to our care plans to book one-to-one consultations and access specialized workshops for free.

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Our Care Plans

Basic Care

Pediatric care in 15 minutes

Instant chat with pediatricians on WhatsApp

Free pediatrician consultations (day)

Live Yoga Sessions

Per 3 Month
10 days Refund Policy

Prime Care

Pediatric care in 15 minutes, lactation, nutrition, monthly milestones, emergency support

Everything in Basic Care

24x7 free pediatrician consultations

Monthly growth and milestones tracking by pediatrician

Lactation and Weaning Support

Per 3 Month
10 days Refund Policy

Holistic Care

Dedicated pediatrician for your baby, personal care plan, Best possible baby care

Everything included in the PRIME Plan

Dedicated pediatrician just for your baby

Personalized care plan for your baby and you

All Consultations and workshops free*

We keep adding new services to provide more value to you

Per 3 Month
10 days Refund Policy

What you get with BabyNama

Expert care and guidance for new mothers

Dedicated Pediatrician Partner

Avail a dedicated pediatrician who will work closely with you and make a personalized care plan for you and your baby.

15-Minute Response Time

Our medical experts are available 24/7 to answer your questions. Drop your concerns related to your baby and our doctors will respond to them in less than 15 minutes.

Emergency Care

Millions of parents reach out to the ER for queries that can be resolved over online consultations. You can avail an emergency online consultation with pediatrician anytime with us and consult a pediatrician within 15 minutes

Lactation Counselling

Our Lactation Counsellors and specialists are here to help mothers overcome breastfeeding challenges, blocked milk duct, mastitis, breast abscess, etc.

Child Nutritionist

If you are planning to introduce solids or have any other nutrition question our child nutrition experts will help you.

Postpartum Care

Babynama has come with its postpartum care to provide psychological support to new mothers.

Growth & Development Tracking

Your baby's growth and development gets tracked regularly to ensure everything is fine.

Empathic Doctors

Our doctors are empathetic and understand new parents. You never have to worry about asking even the silliest of your questions.

Motherhood Workshops

Access specialized workshops tailored to support new mothers on topics like lactation, baby-led weaning, and managing postpartum stress, all led by experienced professionals.