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    Why You Need to Breastfeed?

    How it Works?


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    Our team connects with you to discuss your situation and breastfeeding goals.


    First Consultation

    Scheduled within 24 hours to create a personalized plan, including diet and routines


    Regular Follow-ups

    Initial every-3-day checks on baby’s weight and progress, with immediate adjustments if needed

    Weekly Assessments

    Once on track, progress is reviewed weekly


    Break the Formula Trap with Babynama Lactation Program

    Introduction of formula can lead to reduction in Breast Milk supply, thereby increasing the formula demand even further. This is known as the Formula or Top-Up Trap. Babynama's counsellors have successfully helped thousands of mothers break this trap and establish exclusive breastmilk for their babies. Refer to some success stories below.

    Join Babynama Lactation Program today and stop yourself from falling further into the Formula Trap.

    Meet Our Lactation Experts

    Doctor's Image
    Dr. Sumitra Meena

    MBBS, MD Pediatrics (Kalawati Hospital)

    8 years experience, Ex resident Safdarjung Hospital

    Doctor's Image
    Dr. Swati Thoda

    Certified Lactation Counsellor

    Cert. Lactation Counsellor, CAPPA Maternal & Child Health Nutritionist 25 yrs experience, 6000+ mothers.

    Doctor's Image
    Dr. Pooja Marathe

    Pediatric Nutritionist & Lactation consultant

    11+ years of experience

    Additional Plan Inclusions

    Apart from unlimited Lactation support, this program also gives you access to the following

    WhatsApp Support from Pediatricians

    24X7 Instant Pediatric Care

    Monthly growth tracking for the baby


    Hear from Babynama Parents

    We are proud to have helped thousands of parents