Breastfeeding Tingling And What To Do About It

This blog offers information and tips for mothers who experience tingling during breastfeeding. It provides an explanation of what causes tingling during breastfeeding, and offers strategies for relieving the discomfort. By reading this blog, mothers can learn how to manage tingling and continue breastfeeding comfortably.

Why do my breasts tingle when I'm breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is a natural process that provides nourishment to a newborn. However, many mothers experience tingling in their breasts while breastfeeding. In this article, we will explore the causes of breastfeeding tingling and the remedies to alleviate this sensation.

What Causes Breastfeeding Tingling?

  • Milk ejection reflex is responsible for breast tingling

  • Hormones prolactin and oxytocin cause milk ejection reflex

  • Physiological changes in breast tissue can cause tingling

Is Tingling in the Breasts During Lactation Normal?

  • Yes, milk let-down causes tingling in most breastfeeding mothers

  • Tingling can also occur due to infections or underlying medical conditions

Other Factors that Contribute to Tingling

  • Mastitis or thrush infections can produce tingling, burning, and discomfort

  • Paget's disease of the breast can cause tingling as a side effect

  • Tingling accompanied by a lump, discharge, or burning sensation requires medical attention

When to See a Doctor for Breast Tingling

  • Breast lump or dimpling

  • Non-milk liquid discharged from the nipple

  • Eczema-like rash with nipple redness

  • Breast discomfort or excruciating pain

  • Change in nipple's shape

Home Remedies for Breast Tingling

  • Apply warm compress

  • Massage the tingling area

  • Establish a routine

  • Make dietary modifications


Breastfeeding tingling is a common occurrence in lactating mothers. Understanding the causes and remedies can help mothers manage this sensation and enjoy the bonding experience of breastfeeding. However, if breastfeeding tingling is accompanied by other symptoms, seeking medical attention is crucial.

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