Banana Puree

This blog offers a step-by-step guide for parents on how to make banana puree, a nutritious and easy-to-make first food for babies. It provides information on the nutritional benefits of bananas, how to select and prepare them for pureeing, and storage tips. By reading this blog, parents can learn how to make a healthy and delicious first food for their baby.

When weaning babies, many parents introduce bananas due to their sweet and easy-to-feed nature. Pediatricians often recommend starting with bananas when making purees for babies.

Let’s learn the yummy & tasty banana puree recipe & its other facts.

Recipe of Banana Puree


  • Mashed Banana - 1/2 Cup

  • Mothers Or Cow's Milk - 2 Tsp

How To Make-

  • Make sure you get the right ripe banana with a firm, smooth skin for making banana puree.

  • De-peeling the bananas. Halve the banana and remove the pit. Removal of the end of a banana is recommended.

  • Slice or chop the peeled banana on a chopping board.

  • With a spoon or fork, mash the banana. _Make sure there should be no lump left. This helps avoid choking. _

  • Add milk to it. Breast, cow, or water milk is preferred. Only use cow's milk if you've served it before and no one was allergic to it.

  • Purée the banana & milk mix in a clean mixer jar, or use an immersion blender to do the same.

  • Before serving, mix well with the spoon to make a smooth, mushy Banana Puree that the baby may slurp down and enjoy.

  • The pureed baby bananas are ready now. Serve on a plate with a spoon to your baby_. It is a fact that bananas oxidize fast and become black, so avoid serving late._

Banana Puree for Babies: Useful Do’s & Don’t Tips

Banana is a popular initial fruit for mothers to introduce to their baby throughout the weaning process. Delicious and easy to mash, this fruit is ideal for feeding babies.

Banana Puree is a popular choice since it is sweet and appealing to most babies. When making banana puree, it is essential to follow the instructions-


  • Mixing and serving should only be done with cleaned bowls, spoons, and forks.

  • Using breast milk to make Banana Puree is the best way to go. Use of cow's milk should only be done after consulting with your pediatrician.

  • You can make sure there are no lumps by using a fork to mash the banana and make it smooth.

  • Banana Puree for Babies needs 2 tablespoons of milk to make it smooth and easy to swallow.

  • However, doctors recommend against using fat-rich milk before seven months.

  • Initially, let the infant suck on some purees and experience the texture and flavor. If the baby likes it, he will show signs of wanting more.

  • Feeding your baby will allow you to spend quality time with your child and strengthen your bond as a mother.

  • **Used fresh peel bananas only. **When exposed to the elements for an extended time, it oxidizes and becomes black.


  • Under Ripe or overripe bananas should never be used. Under-ripe food is difficult to chew, while over-ripe produce has a sour flavor and unpleasant odors. The color yellow signifies ripeness. The Greener the fruit, the less ripe.

  • Avoid overfeeding. It's better to feed your kid when they express a need for food. When an infant misses a meal, they usually make up for it by eating more the following time.

  • If your kid has a cold or a cough, don't feed them Banana Mash.

Bananas are a great source of quick energy for growing babies and are recommended for use in baby food. If a baby has trouble with mother's milk, it's best to try cow's milk as it's easier to digest, but be sure to test it first. For a 7-month-old baby, it's crucial to test Banana Puree before giving it to them. After nine months, you can switch to a thicker puree.

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